FasciaMethod Instructor Course

350,00 $

In FasciaMethod Instructor Course you will learn what the FasciaMethod is and how it differs from other mobility training concepts. You will learn about its main approaches and why FasciaMethod is such an effective body maintenance concept. You will understand why active dynamic chain mobility training like the FasciaMethod is the most recommended method to develop mobility and movement control.

After this course you can plan and instruct a FasciaMethod body maintenance program for yourself, your client or a group fitness session.



To whom?

For sports and health professionals, group exercise instructors, coaches, personal trainers, physiotherapists, etc. Suitable for individual and group exercise, rehabilitation and to support any other training.


  • lectures videotaped
  • practical training
  • multiple-choice tests
  • at the end of the course you give sample for your instructing skills

Welcome to the course!

FasciaMethod Instructor Course


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