FasciaMethod demo lesson

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FasciaMethod combines myofascial mobility training, dynamic stretching directed to specific stiff myofascia, movement control training and fascia manipulation with a trigger ball. The aim is to rehabilitate musculesceletal dysfunctions. FasciaMethod is suitable for all individuals who wish to improve their physical performance and wellbeing.



To Whom?

The lesson is suitable for everyone but especially for you if you experience tension throughout your body due to stress or excessive sitting and standing still. Dynamic mobility training not only relaxes and improves your mobility but also mobilizes metabolism and fluids in the body effectively. This is also suitable for you if you need to recover from training and want versatile body control.


  • FasciaMethod lesson, 25 minutes

What you need?

  • Exercise mat
  • Tennis or fascia massage ball
  • Water bottle

Welcome to our lesson!

FasciaMethod demo lesson


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