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Intoroduction video: What is FasciaMethod?


FasciaMethod combines myofascial mobility training, dynamic stretching directed to specific stiff myofascia, movement control training and fascia manipulation with a trigger ball. The aim is to rehabilitate musculesceletal dysfunctions. The training principles of the FasciaMethod concept are based on researched evidence.

To Whom?

FasciaMethod is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their performance effectively and promote their wellbeing! The exercises are simple and easy for everyone to learn. FasciaMethod exercises can be used in fitness, sports training, rehabilitation, home use and fitness centers.


FasciaMethod training prevents injuries, promotes recovery and rehabilitation, and improves mobility and performance. FasciaMethod is a concept developed and tested by experienced physiotherapists and sports professionals. The concept is also a sustainable revenue stream for instructors. The trademark is registered in the USA, EU, and UK.

Instagram & Facebook: @fasciamethod.fi

Introduction video: What is ProMethod?


ProMethod is a training program for individuals to optimize movement control, mobility and performance as well as to support other training activities. It is easier to plan training programs for customers and follow up the training routines with the digital tool, Sportyplanner. The purpose of the consept is to understand muscle support and activation during movement. 

Instagram & Facebook: @promethodmethod.fi

Introduction video: What is PowerMethod?


PowerMethod is an exercise consept that focuses on building performance by using functional, myofascial training methods. The aim is to build general strength and muscle endurance as well as learn proper performance techniques. Warm-up and cooldown includes dynamic mobility training (FasciaMethod). Strength training section includes dynamic exercises directed to the whole body to build muscle strength, movement control and mobility.

Instagram & Facebook: @powermethod.fi

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