ProFTraining Finland Ltd

ProFTraining Finland Ltd

ProFTraining Finland Ltd is a finnish company that was founded in 2015. We are specialized in providing solutions for wellbeing and energetic life. Our concepts are developed by experienced physiotherapists and sports professionals. Concepts provide tools for training, body care and rehabilitation and those are targeted to professionals within wellbeing industry, athletes and consumers. 

Anne Puranen

Anne Puranen is well known physiotherapist in Finland. She has long experience in myofascial training as concept developer, trainer and instructor. Anne is one of the leading specialists in Finland in therapeutic exercising.

Atte Varsta

Atte Varsta has a long experience in marketing, business management and international business. Atte is a serial entrepreneur with diverse experience from Motorsport management to printed electronics and wellbeing business to marketing communications.

Raisa Varsta

Raisa Varsta has long career in marketing from retailing to global branding. In the recent years Raisa has been educating marketing professionals at Metropolia University in Finland as a senior lecturer and head of degree programme.

Vilma Romppainen

Vilma Romppainen is a marketing coordinator in the company. Vilma also takes care of customer service. Vilma is a Bachelor of Business Administration and currently she is studying Master´s degree in business development.

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